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Cost per Page:

When selecting your next printer there may be one major consideration that will influence your decision.  Cost per page can be the most vital consideration when selecting a new printer.  So what is the cost per page?  How is this mythical equation worked out?  

In fact sometimes the smallest consideration is the actual purcahse price of the printer.

Over time, the printer is used and produces copious amounts of printed images and pages for the normal day to day work life. Whether printing out reading materials or printing the odd boarding pass for your next holiday, we all tend to use our printing in varying degrees of use.  When using your printer there is always an amount of ink with inkjet printers or toner with laser printers that gets used.  Manufacturers now quote an ISO standard of ink or toner useage that will be used on each page.  Ink and toner have these quoted "yields" usually on the pack or quoted on the manufacturers website.

To do a simple calculation for cost per page simply calculate the cost of the cartridge divided by the amount of expected pages to be printed by the cartridge.  In fact this may be the only real way to guess the cost per page and give a yardstick to the overall cost.  The amount of ink or toner will certainly differ, because the content that you place on each of the pages printed will be different.  The theory being that the more ink or toner placed on the printed page, the less amount of pages will result.  So if you have a 100% coverage (ie completely black) on an A4 page your ink cartridge won't get the quoted amount of pages on the cartidge.  Obviously we dont do completely all black ink pages, so then there will be a degree of difference of what is quoted by the manufacturer.   

So what is the correct page count of the ink or toner cartridges?  In real terms it is very difficult to say.  That is why the ISO Standard is used to provide a benchmark for all Manufacturers to quote.

As you may realise sorting out the cost per page, is not an easy task and in the case of a large office printer is usually done with the total amount of pages that will be printed over the life of the printer. The amount of ink or toner cartridges can be calculated in addition to the drum and fuser units with laser printers.  

General cost per pages can be worked out fairly simply with inkjet printers taking into account the suggested page output from each cartridge.  Of course this is a general rule of thumb cost only and should only be taken as a guide.  Value pack cost per page can be calculated by using the average yield of each cartridge in the pack.  Lets not forget the ink and toner cartridges are the real cost and so you make a valued decision this information should be taken into account when considering your next printer purchase.