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Toner Cartridge

A toner cartridge is a container filled with toner powder that fits inside a laser printer for the purposes of distributing the toner onto a page of paper.  The toner cartridge may have a drum cartridge combined in the cartridge or it may be only a container for the toner.


Ink Cartridge

A cartridge filled with ink used as a reservoir for the transport of ink to an inkjet printers printhead.Some ink cartridges have a print head as part of the cartridge, where others are simply a container.


Drum Cartridge

A cartridge that can be separate or combined with a toner cartridge.  The drum  is charged with an electrostatic charge to attract toner particles that form an image on paper.  The image is transferred to the paper and then fed into the fuser unit.


Fuser Unit

A heating unit that melts and presses toner powder to paper, where it becomes part of the paper fibre.


Image Transfer Belt

A belt that when electromagnetically charged transfers toner powder to paper in preparation for sealing by the fuser unit.


Print Head

A inkjet printers distribution device that sprays ink onto paper.


Page Yield

The number quoted on products that have a quoted page yield, is based either on industry standards as quoted relating to coverage or through the specific manufacturer testing methodology.  Actual yields will vary based on the content of printed pages and amount of ink or toner on each page plus.