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Brother AX-325 Typewriter ribbons

Brother AX-325  Typewriter                                         ribbons
5.20 Kgs
Brother AX-325 is a robustly designed typewriter for the home user or small business. Compact and portable can be easily stored after use. , A familiar QWERTY keyboard and with touch keys and easy to use. The keyboard cover doubles as a paper support. The AX-325 uses a daisy wheel, ribbon and correction tape.

The Professional touch keyboard is designed to increase accuracy and typing speed.

View mode allows the user to see what they have typed by automatically moving the paper roll up.Automatic Time saving features includeAutomatic paper insertion, to a uniform 1 inch top margin with automatic cantering, underlining, bold printing and right margin flush. 'Word-Out' correction system erases a word with the touch of a key.The AX-325 has 65 character correction memory with automatic relocation feature and automatic carriage return for speed typing
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