The simple answer here is Yes, they will. Compatible manufacturers develop their own solutions that will work just as well as the Original Manufacturers (OEM).  In some cases the compatible manufacturers can obtain better yields from their printer cartridges.

The compatible manufacturers do their own research and development of their own products.  They try to ensure the customer is buying quality printer cartridges that will not disappoint.  Many thousands of businesses and people have gone with the non-genuine ink and toner solution.  Customers find compatible printer cartridges are the lower cost option that is guaranteed and deliver the same quality of reproduction as the original manufacturer at a much lower price.

Many manufacturers continue to use scare tactics with clients stating that the products will void their warranty.  Unless  cartridges are proven to have damaged the printer in some way, a warranty cannot be voided by using compatible products.

Consumer Law

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Compatible printer cartridges

The Competition and Consumer Act 2010 Schedule 2 Part 3-2 deals with this exact issue.
“If a part is ‘non-genuine’ but is interchangeable with a ‘genuine part’, then the non-genuine part would still be seen as being fit for the appropriate purpose, and would therefore not void any manufacturer’s guarantee/warranty.  Such warranty can only be voided when the cartridge itself is faulty and causes the damage to the printer.”

Many people and companies enjoy the lower cost of compatible cartridges which have produced the same if not better results than the originals.


Patent law is very strict.  Manufacturers wish to protect their property and the compatible printer cartridge manufacturers are sometimes required to redesign their products to avoid intellectual property infringement.  They can then change the design while still providing an alternative to the genuine product and maintaining cartridges that can be supplied with confidence.  Some printer cartridges cannot be redesigned and this is where refilling may be the only path open.

Compatibles are the cost effective and cheaper alternative to genuine.  Manufacturers are constantly being berated for the prices charged for their products.  Compatibles give the consumer a product at a lower and affordable price.  In the end result compatible printer cartridges provide a lower overall cost.  The total cost of ownership for a printer is a calculation that each customer needs to work out, so to fully appreciate the cost of printing either with a laser or inkjet printer.

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